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Chris Mac 2CC & 2CA:

Learning some new stuff, thanks!

Terry Daniel AIR News:

Great books, use them every week for show research.

Jon Vertigan 3YB:

Great book, can thoroughly vouch for it having bought one for our Warrnambool stations.  Some very useful nuggets of information.

Mark Panno Pannowtz  FM 97.3:

Highly recommended on-air tool and a lot of fun for your listening audience.  I've been using my copies for 3 months and people are quite literally asking online and via phone for more grabs.  An absolute winner! 

Jules Bull:

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Craig Meddings K Rock & Bay FM:

It's awesome! Highly recommended.

Seriously, it's the best book for my daily 80's show prep.  Relevant to Australia too, not like a lot of stuff online.  The best $$ I've spent & yes, it's tax deductible as it's for work!  Thanks for a top resource.

Chayne Cleary Coast FM 963:

Have both copies & they are a huge help for on air prep.

Graham Tienan:

Absolutely love this book! 

Cramped with great info for any radio shift.

Leigh Kenworthy 7BU:

Steve..congratulations on researching such a powerful tool for any jocks preparation. It's a must have - love it!

Gary Turner RRP FM:

A good read. Great resource book and fun at dinner parties!  Every music fan should have a copy.

Timothy Stackpool:

I was up 'til around 4am reading as much as I couldbefore too bleary-eyed to continue!

Brett Gray  KRR 98.7 FM:

Great info in those books.  Glad I purchased mine!

Dean Holloway Coast FM:

Great book for all media outlets

Craig Van Oosten:

I have both books in my reference library.  I nicknamed them "The Old & New Testaments" because they are the bible for any radio announcer!

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